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Hi there! I’m Nauman Ahmad, but you can just call me Nauman. With a keen interest in academic guidance and a passion for education, I have been fortunate enough to empower many students on their journey toward success.

Understanding grades and their implications can sometimes be a daunting task. With the intricacies of SGPA, CGPA, and percentages, I realized the need for a straightforward tool that could simplify this process. That’s when the idea of the SAT Score Calculator was born. It’s designed to bridge the gap between raw scores and comprehensible results, making academic evaluations more accessible to everyone.

But this platform isn’t just about calculations; it’s a testament to my commitment to helping students and educators thrive. Join me in this educational pursuit, and let’s make academic excellence achievable and understandable for all.

Let’s embark on this educational journey together towards excellence!

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  • Nauman

    Welcome to satscorecalculator.info, your SAT score calculator and prep guide. I'm Nauman Shakeel, a seasoned SAT tutor, here to support your SAT journey. Our platform provides accurate information and expert guidance for achieving top scores. Whether a student or parent, our tailored resources empower you towards a brighter academic future. Join us to step closer to your goals.

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